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ferrari’s are so sexy
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Finally something to do in the holidays!!! (Taken with Instagram)
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Hispano-Suiza H6C Dubonnet Xenia by Saoutchik ‘1938

This innovative and modern concept car was the creation of Andre Dubonnet, successful race car driver, WWI fighter pilot and heir to the Dubonnet aperitif business.

Early in life, Dubonnet developed a passion and took great delight in speed and adventure and desired to perfect the future of road transportation and in particular, the suspension system.

As his favorite car was the Hispano-Suiza, he picked the 1932 H-6C chassis, which he had seen previously at the Paris Auto Salon and began sketching designs for a prototype, drawing upon his aviation background and racing experience.

He took his designs to French coachbuilder, Jacques Saoutchik who helped him with the framework of the automobile and then partnered with engineer Antoine-Marie Chedru to develop his patented independent front-suspension system.

What followed was a dramatically streamlined build with an emphasis on aerodynamic styling, affectionately named Xenia, after Dubonnet’s first wife.

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Ariel Atom in action!

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